About Tall Poppy Wealth Advice

We all have dreams and aspirations for our future…

Tall Poppy can set you on the path to turning those dreams into reality.

Isn’t it time you realised your true financial potential?

Why choose Tall Poppy?

Tall Poppy Wealth Advice is 100% owned by management and staff which allows us to remain free of the influences typical of institutional ownership which may occur with bank aligned financial planners.
This also helps to ensure continuity of the personal relationships which supports our value proposition of building trusting long term relationship with our clients.

We provide mobile advice service to assist with the delivery of advice to time poor clients.

The value of our advice

At Tall Poppy our advisers are professionals with a sound knowledge of the changing financial markets, legislation, and wealth building strategies.

What’s more, they are committed to continually build on this knowledge and develop personalised financial plans tailored to meet your specific needs.

Changing economic markets, taxation laws and legislation, keeping abreast of investment performance and identifying new opportunities… it’s good to know an expert is keeping up-to-date with all this, and regularly monitoring and managing your long term investment strategy accordingly.

About the Founder

Co-founder of Tall Poppy Wealth Advice, Simone shares a passion for helping others realize their goals.
Whether it be buying a home, building a business or achieving a lifestyle, Simone understands that these
goals all require the financial foresight that comes from sound financial advice.

Simone’s career in financial services started in 2001 as a client relationship assistant – and then manager –
with Warringal Financial Services. Within five years, and at the age of 26, she was appointed to the role of
Senior Financial Consultant managing 150 client groups with Melbourne based firm Tynan Mackenzie.
With a business degree (majoring in economics) and 13 years of financial planning experience, Simone is
well-equipped to offer clients advice on all facets of their financial affairs.

A specialist in strategic planning and structuring of investments, Simone works closely with clients to identify
both personal and financial goals; recommending a strategic direction that best suits each client’s unique

Simone’s qualifications and experience, coupled with her focus on delivering a very personalised planning
service, inspires confidence in her clients that their investment strategy is a sound one and will deliver the
lifestyle and financial security they desire.

Simone is proud of Tall Poppy’s transparent fee-for-service model, which has been company policy from
the beginning. By building a financial advisory business not based on commission, Tall Poppy has always
been able to provide unbiased advice, giving clients confidence that their financial plan will deliver the
outcomes and lifestyle they dream.