Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Divorce brings major change to nearly every aspect of your life, including your financial stability and future goals. The challenge of rebuilding life financially after separation may seem daunting at first, especially if you weren’t really involved in managing family finances while you were married. But empowering yourself with the tools to make clear financial decisions will put you back in control of your own destiny.

Tall Poppy Wealth Advice assist during the rebuilding phase by assessing the current financial situation and providing advice and recommendations about how assets and financial resources will be divided and how each of you may be able to manage finances in the future.

By taking a neutral role in discussions – should both parties choose to take a collaborative approach – or by supporting an individual, we help to level the playing field by stress testing outcomes so you are empowered to see potential solutions from each other’s perspective.

We help create and analyse settlements, providing financial projections so you fully understand how the settlement will work into the future. This is important to achieve financial security.