Family Financial Planning

When wealth accumulates in a family and is passed on through one generation to another, the complexity of wealth management and preservation increases.

Quite often the needs of individual family members varies greatly and establishing an equitable outcome can be difficult when attempting to address competing interests.

We take a collaborative approach to managing your financial affairs to ensure:

  • The wealth accumulated is not squandered by future generations;
  • Wealth is evenly distributed amongst your beneficiaries;
  • Funds are applied for certain philanthropic causes important to you;
  • Funds are invested appropriately to provide future generations with an income stream;
  • Wealth is distributed in a manner that ensures that beneficiaries learn the value of money and certain life skills.
  • Your family has a cohesive financial plan that looks after your entire family.

Ultimately, a family office is all about maintaining harmony amongst family members and at the same time managing your wealth and protecting all your assets in the most effective manner possible.