Wealth Accumulation

Saving is simply putting aside some of your disposable income to achieve a short-term goal, such as going on holiday or buying a car. It’s a conservative approach that involves taking little risk with your money.

Investing on the other hand, means taking a measured degree of risk to achieve longer term goals – such as funding your children’s education or achieving financial independence.

To do this you should consider purchasing growth assets (like shares and property) that have potential to make you money work harder.

Although growth assets are more volatile over the short term, they have historically provided higher long-term returns and are generally more tax-effective than other assets such as cash and fixed interest.

Managing, growing and protecting your wealth through our tailored investment portfolios is combined with our strategic financial advice to ensure assets and liabilities are structured to minimize tax and optimize wealth.

Tall Poppy will build a plan around your life goals, advise on strategies to build your wealth, as well as the most appropriate way to invest your money to ensure it works harder for you.